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Ninh Binh works to boost handicrafts exports

WEDnesday - 23/12/2015 22:19
Ninh Binh’s exports have increased annually in recent years with great contribution from handicraft items.

Sedge products in Kim Son
According to a report released by the Provincial Department of Industry and Trade, the province’s export value was estimated to hit 900 million USD this year, a year-on-year rise of 8.9 percent, or 70 million USD higher than the yearly target.
Handicraft products were among the key foreign-currency earners, which also included textile and garment, footwear, cement, clinker, electronic components, and agricultural products.
In 2015, handicrafts brought home 5.8 million USD, a year-on-year surge of 22.3 percent.
Of the figure, embroidery items reeled in 3.7 million USD, up 17.5 percent; decorated carpets accounted for 1.1 million USD, an eight-fold increase; and hay-and-straw products saw value doubled with 1.1 billion USD.
Major importers are the US, Taiwan (China), the UK, Japan, and Spain.
The making and export of handicrafs in Ninh Binh are bright as the locality has advantageous raw materials resources as well as the abundant labour force. 
In addition, the growing local tourism industry also helps. Local tourist destinations are now included such traditional handicraft villages as embroidery making hamlets in Hoa Lu district, sedge mat making village in Kim Son, and stone carving village in Hoa Lu.
Currently, local handicraft makers and exporters are working actively to seek more markets regionally and globally for their products.
Ninh Binh authority has issued policies to boost the manufacture and export of the product.
The provincial Department of Trade and Industry will work closely with other sectors, and localities to ease difficulties facing enterprises and help them expand their operation and export.
For their part, enterprises were advised to improve the quality and designs of their handicraft products in order to gain more value.

Author: Thuy Nguyen

Source: en.baoninhbinh.org.vn

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